Why Elements of Art?

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Introduction to the "Elements of Art with God in Heart" course.

All visual arts are made out of simple elements. When they are skillfully put together, they tell a “story” to the viewer. Different size, position and amount of these elements can dramatically change a “story” or a meaning of an art piece.

Art can talk without words and help people to feel different emotions as they are looking at it. It’s very important to know what those elements are, and how, when and where you can use them.

There are eight Elements of Art: Dot, Line, Shape, Form, Color, Volume, Texture and Space. They are like ingredients in cooking - all artists are using them while creating their art pieces. Sometimes we don't even see them as separate elements but we see a whole picture that those elements have created. Usually almost all 8 EOA are present in each piece of art. Each one has its role, value and place.

EOA are also like letters in the alphabet. First you learn to put letters together to create words.Then you learn how to assemble words into phrases, then you start writing paragraphs, using those words. And then the story is born! Same with art.

It is very important to learn basic building block of art, so that later you can use them to tell your story to the viewers.

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