The Mission Of A Painted Block

was originated by Masha (Maria) Hemmerling in a fall of 2017,

when Containers of Hope were collecting backpacks

stuffed with necessities from local schools,

and delivering them to the orphans in Liberia.

Masha and her friends,

their children and their friends,

has painted a little under 100 wooden blocks,

which were adorn with God's word,

Christian inspiring phrases and a simple colorful design.

When those wooden blocks

eventually were distributed among Liberian children,

orphans and adults, it became obvious

that they can bring a very encouraging message

to the people who were eager to hear God's word.

This year Masha and her students

from two schools where she teaches art,

completed another 150 wooden blocks.

Now those blocks will start their journey to Liberia.

Their mission will be to bring joy and God's love

to the young generation of Liberian children.

If you would like to learn more about that project,

please watch this video on my YouTube channel:

If you would like to ask questions,

please contact Masha Hemmerling at:

[email protected]

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